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★★★Prepaid KOREA SIM card!★★★
Price Non-member: $64.00
Member: $58.00 ($0.58 Mileage)

Maker/Brand Ect.
Frequency 850/900/1800/1900/2100
Brief The Best USIM in the world, Also you can buy it at In-cheon International Korea Airport(GS Books: +82-32-743-5654)

World SIM rate price paper(Phone call),

Checking rate paper(CALL)

Ex) Make a call from Korea >> to Japan
1. Find the Korea in A1~A8. (A1 South Korea)
2. Find the Japan in B1~B3. (B1 Japan)
3. If you check the rate paper below you can find the price that match between A1 and B1.(From A1/ To B1 = 0.18/min Euro)

Ex) Make a call from Korea to USA 1min=0.18 Euro(Won(Korean currency) about 270Won).

Ex) When you receive the phone call in Korea
1. Find the Korea in A1~A8. (A1 South Korea)
2. Look for the rate paper below you can find the price that match From A1.(Form A1= In / FREE)

Paypal Payment(kimjin@simcardkorea.com)
When you buying simcardkorea's goods, you can get some point.
You can use your (point) e-money for sending International SMS.
And When your e-money balance got more than 10$ you can use yours for paying your deal.

NOTICE(for our distributors)
Don't forget! You need to keep your ID and Pw. Safely.
You have responsibility for the fullfillment of obligations.
Before you paying for your goods, You need to check the freight for your country.
(We will show you the Rate table for International Air Cargo Service.)
We using FedEx or DHL Delivery service. (But ,we usually use our FedEx account)
When you check the rate for the delivery charge, plz pay first to get yours.
Plz don't forget, we don't send our goods to where does not confirmed.
Plz write your direct call number with you order.
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